Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dedication: Time and Space Coördinates

I claim an auspicious date for making the dedication, the birthday of Confucius.
Also, it's a special date for me: the day I arrived in Cardiff, and three years later, when I, unfortunately, left.

As for the spatial coördinate, if you are in Chicago, you might try giving it to a cab driver, but the fare for 1250 miles will be a steep one. Chicago is laid out on a wonderfully regular Cartesian grid of furlong-sized blocks, with its origin at the intersection of State and Madison. This, mercifully, gives every point on the globe a Chicago coördinate. I listed my current location in these terms because the place where I am is completely unimportant, 10,000 blocks from home. Do come and visit, though.
The vector: 10,000 furlongs South by Southwest, as well as Confucius, his birthday, and the original grove of Academe will all appear much later in the story.

It remains to ask, where does 孔子 intersect with Chicago? Princeton and 22nd Place, six blocks north of my old apartment:

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